The average life of a website is three years. And design Trends elements – such as color and typography – often get updated more frequently than that. That’s why it is so important to keep up with web design trends.

Doing this allows you to make small tweaks to your design today so that it won’t be out of date tomorrow.

So which web design trends do you need to be on the look-out for this year?

This guide will help you create an on-point design plan for 2020!

 Overlapping Design Elements

Every design element does not have to have its own container. They can actually overlap.

Overlapping design elements creates depth and dimension as well as provides an eye tracking path from one element to the next in design projects.

Here’s the catch to this design trend: You have to create and layer elements in such a way that everything remains readable and “collapses” in a way that maintains that readability on mobile devices. Otherwise, this trend can fall flat fast.

3D Interaction          

You might think of this website design trend as interactive Legos.

These designs feature interactive elements that use three-dimensional shapes or gamification to get you to engage more deeply with content.

It’s a good way to get users to stay with the design for a longer period of time and provides a lasting impression. Make the most of the trend with custom 3D illustrations or mix and match with “kit” pieces to create just the right feel for your project.

The more interesting the scroll pattern, the more users are likely to keep moving through the design and content.

Interesting Scroll Patterns

The trend is less about effects and more about using grids and overall design to push users through content. The example above showcases this perfectly with a grid of images that moves horizontally and vertically across the screen. You can really only fully see one image at a time, putting emphasis on each portfolio piece.

Exaggerated White Space

Minimal styles are getting even more minimal with exaggerated white space in designs.

One reason that white space is so popular is that it can help bring focus to a certain part of the design – the space occupied by something, rather than nothing.

White space also has a beautiful, classic feel that’s easy to adjust for any number of projects.


Thanks to all those cool little gifs on Instagram stories, websites are featuring more micro-animations in form of sticker-style gifs.

Even websites that you wouldn’t expect, such as the e-commerce design above, are using this style to draw user attention. It can be anything from tiny images popping up on the screen to moving text elements.


How often are you making small changes to your website design to stay fresh? While it can be an intimidating idea, making small changes all the time actually becomes part of your routine and can help keep the design feeling fresh. (It can also keep you from getting bored by it so quickly.)

Speed up the process with design tools, such as ones featured in this article, so that you can stay on-trend without worry! For more amazing website design trends contact Vie Signals- best website designing company in London or visit for more.

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