Social Marketing is a proven way to get more visitors to your website. This in turn helps you generate more leads, sales, and business from your WordPress site – something we all want from our online presence right?

Whether your website is new or established now has never been a better time to leverage the power of social media to grow your audience. Even if you think you’ve already taken care of social media optimization for your WordPress site, with new platforms popping up all the time, there is always more you can do.

Not only does social media gives you more channels to find and interact with your target audience, if you set up your WordPress website correctly, you can build an army of fans who are willing to share your content and spread the message of your brand simply because they love your content and what you have to offer.

How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Website Audience

However, updating your website and blog can be hard enough, let alone building a social media presence. Where do people find the time to be constantly tweeting and posting and pinning high-quality content on social media? This article is going to share some helpful tools and plugins for WordPress users that will help you keep on top of the social media whirlwind.

These solutions are designed to save time, boost audience interactions, and better promote your site, brand or business online. Implementing just one or two of these methods should help you start growing the number of visitors to your website, giving you more opportunities to convert against your goals, whatever they may be.

Make Your Content Easily Shareable

It is no longer enough to write great content for your site. People are writing great content on sites everywhere, so how can you stand out? To make it easy for your target audience to find your content, read it, and then come back for more you need to be promoting your site on the most appropriate social media networks.

Social Sharing Buttons

Having highly visible social sharing buttons on your site can make a massive difference to how often your content gets shared, which in turn affects your site’s traffic levels. By adding these buttons, your visitors can click on them to share your content with their friends and followers in an instant.

These buttons can also encourage your visitors to check out your own profiles and decide whether to follow you on social media. This gives you another opportunity to connect with your audience and turn one-time visitors into repeat readers.

Integrating Social Media on your Site

If you have lots of social interactions happening on your social platforms then it is important that you showcase these on your website. If your site visitors see that your social media has lots going on and is very popular then they will want to join the conversation.

By displaying your Instagram feed on your site, your Facebook wall, or your latest tweets, your audience will be able to quickly get a sense of what’s happening in your social network and make a decision whether to get involved or not.

Final Thoughts on the basics of Social Media Marketing for Word Press

The options above are just a few of the many ways you can leverage social media to increase traffic to your WordPress website and hopefully generate more sales, revenue, or commissions. However, like most things in life, there is no one definitive answer when it comes to how to use social media effectively. Depending on the type you of site you have and your target audience what you need will differ. Take your time, trial different plugins and solutions and just see what works best for you.

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