Generating Quality URL links using a company or personal profiles is a tricky topic. It is also said that creating profiles for the sole purpose of creating links that can be misleading and spammy. There are people in the market who have twisted this trick but that doesn’t mean you cannot do it in a genuine way.

It is necessary to have a genuine profile that shows your actual information, achievements, and background so that people can use your profile to know more about your company.

Having business profiles online are not only helpful to get popular but it also helps your website to gain traffic organically. Also, it increases brand visibility and leads you to more inbound links for your content.

There are 5 best ways that you can use to get quality URL links through social media platforms:

1.)     Reaching an Executive’s Profile for higher Response Rates: If connections are made with active social media accounts then it can give higher engagements and better trust than same things done with a company profile. Most of the online users usually ignore messages and requests from a brand on social networking sites as there are too many companies who is trying to buy their products or share their content? Content can also be shared using network building on an individual basis, but it does take time to build credibility.

Few digital marketing teams also log on to the company executive’s personal social networking profile to make friends or new connections and increase their following. However, there can be certain drawbacks to this step.

Following the clients with company profile also allows the company executive to deal with them in private like over the personal email which can be untrustworthy for the organization.  Make sure if a team is helping an executive with their social media, they should also be involved in the process.

2.)     Forum profiles can also be used to connect with highly advanced people: There are numerous people on a basic social network like Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. But there are networks in which people who are connected to a certain industry are involved deeply and these networks are called forums.

Forums are online communities that get involved over a certain issue and debate. But the discussions which are useful are the only ones to gain more audience.

Another thing to keep in mind is you can spam these forums with your links or URLs bus just posting it. Your discussion should make a sense and accordingly, URLs can be posted. You can interact with the community by answering their questions, getting involved, completing your business profile, and stating active to share your own content.

Also, if you are sharing any content, make sure it is useful to the viewers. Else you will get cornered to promote your links during an ongoing discussion.

3.)     Use LinkedIn to Share Your Content with the correct individuals:
When attainable, raise your executives to urge attached your on-line activity or originated a sharing schedule (with their permission) to frequently share content on their personal social media profiles.
Because executives have additional personal believability, their link suggestions square measure way more wish to be taken seriously by users than an organization profile merely sharing links to their weblog.
The executive’s profile is “vouching” for the content, creating it additional trustworthy.

When attainable, raise executives for his or her insight or comment on a piece that may then be shared with the Quality URL Links.

4.)     Reach resolute the Social Profiles of individuals:
LinkedIn is nice for building personal believability and sharing content, however, you’ll be able to conjointly use Twitter, forums, and Facebook to try to reach and acquire others fascinated by your content.

On Twitter (and Instagram), it’s a typical observe to follow individuals in your trade you hope can follow you back. Taking the “first step” toward building a relationship will facilitate get you noticed organically and hopefully, begin a relationship.

After the following somebody, send them a tweet mentioning one thing they did recently, like podcast they were on or a piece they wrote. This can show that you simply admire their work.
People square measure way more probably to require Associate in nursing interest in somebody that they recognize already appreciates what they are doing – as a result of it doesn’t want they need to win them over – it’s already done!

5.)     Promote of the content with Facebook Ads get more traffic, shares & links:
WordStream founder Larry Kim may be a master at obtaining heaps of traffic to his content, and he has shared in displays and in weblog posts however, this strategy has resulted in massive gains. He even did a webinar regarding this subject for SEJ.

Essentially, with the correct targeting and while very little as $50, you’ll be able to get your content ahead of the correct individuals on Facebook.

When you have clear and concise targeting, the ad pay is lower, and also the user interest is typically loaded higher.
Try to target precise interests or industries (e.g., producing VPs within the U.S. rather than merely users United Nations agency have Associate in Nursing interest in “business”) and certify your content title and outline shares precisely however it’s helpful to the individuals you’re attempting to focus on.

As the ad garners additional visibility, you’ll see a trend in natural Quality URL links moreover, as users United Nations agency see the ad shares the content with their own networks. This helps it grow organically, creating your ad budgets stretch a lot of any.  


With the above-given help, you can try to engage your brand on social media in a better way. For any further help contact Vie Signals for best help on digital marketing or visit

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