If you are a freelancer and in charge of your own work, you have to keep in mind that you are the only person who has to convince clients to work with you and nobody is going to do that for you. In early days being a freelancer was a tough job, you have to do promotions over the newspapers or other media which was not much successful. But nowadays there are many options for a freelancer to promote their work. Whether you are a web designer, content writer, photographer or any other types of freelancer, there are many options to show off your work online. Today in this blog we are going to talk about how you can share your work online.

Aspects of Sharing Your Work Online:

As there are dozens of platforms where a designer or creator can upload or share their work or they can give samples of their work. Some of these platforms are paid and some are absolutely free. It is not necessary that you get an instant audience on the platforms. Sometimes it requires too much effort to work in the first place.

The following are the ways to share your work online:

1-Website: The very important and the first step where you can share your website is to have one. You can own a website where you can publish all your work. Creating a website to promote your work is a non-negotiable step. It is mandatory for any freelancer to have a website where he/she can share their work and able to grab more audience digitally.

Let say if you a freelance graphic designer, people who will get in touch with you would like to see your work which you can showcase them with a website.


You can manage what you want your audience to see.

Helps to gain more audience.

Helps you to give an authenticity for your work.


Creating content for your website can be time-consuming.

Need to optimize your search actively to gain more audience.

Sometimes you need to hire a profession to write your content, which can be expensive.

Social Media Platform:  You can do a lot of things on social media. However, there’s no universal use case that applies to all social media channels.

For instance, LinkedIn is a good place to share authoritative content and make professional connections. But it’s probably not the best place to share photos of your work.


Social media is free and easy to use.

  It requires significantly less work to publish samples of your work than other channels do.


Many people just use social media to make connections. Not to have someone’s work pushed in their face.

You can build a reputation by sharing high-quality content, but no more than 20% of those promotions should be your own on certain platforms.

Codepad:  Unlike a code-sharing/storage platform which is mainly a place to collaborate, Codepad enables developers to create client-friendly demos. If you’re in the business of designing custom features and functionality, and you don’t mind sharing your code with other developers, this is a good place to do so.

This gives you the chance to show off what you’re good at without having to create extensive case studies for your website. It also allows you to add value to the web development community by sharing code snippets they can use.


Share your custom-made snippets and demos for other developers to use and repurpose;

Create a collection of demos you can show to clients to demonstrate your vision without having to waste your time building something they don’t understand or want.


Clients probably aren’t looking for you on Codepad or might be too intimidated to enter a website where developers share code.

You can’t share snippets or demos from client work you’ve done, so this means publishing stuff you’ve created in your spare time.

Conclusion: Despite sharing all the pros and cons, we will recommend sharing your work online to promote your business. If you need more information on how to share your work online or you want to promote your business online you can get in touch with your local experts at Vie Signals by visiting the website at www.viesignals.co.uk or call us at our toll-free number (+44) 208-144-6264.

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